The End Is Near! So It's Survey Time.

They say that you know that school is almost over when the big white tent goes up. You also know that any semester's over when it's time to fill out surveys for your classes.

You should be familiar with what you're about to fill out, since they're all created with Survey Monkey. Each class has a different survey to fill out, please be sure to pick the right survey from the list below, and only take it ONCE. Please also be sure to answer the questions honestly; that helps us to make this class better.

Thank you.

Mon, Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day

Today and tomorrow we'll be having a quiz. Nothing you can't handle. Just a short essay question about ethics, a little piece of file conversion, and a case of link shortening. You can handle this.

Then...we'll start drawing on some other talents you playing around with EazyDraw.

Fri, Feb 11: A Little More Privacy - PLEASE

Sexting, Intimate Video, and Child Pornography.

The coming QUIZ
Don't get all bent out of shape about it, it's not that bad. It'll be stuff you should all know how to do by now. I'll just want you to be able to send me a YouTube video converted to an mp3 file. But I'm not telling you which video yet.

Fri, Feb 4: Copyright and Your Rights

Here we'll discuss copyright and how it relates to...copying. Is there a difference between what's legal and what's ethical. Is copying always wrong? Are there police offices stationed at every photocopying machine?

Fri, Jan 28: Privacy and Stalker Tools

A metaphorical Day 3.

Wed, Jan 26: The Expectation of Privacy

Our second day together, but not necessarily Day Two.

  • Finish talking about Wikipedia and talk briefly about those long ugly links
  • The reasonable expectation of privacy: The Star Wars KidCathy Marerro, and Tyler Clementi.

The Star Wars Kid - Original

The Star Wars Kid - With Special Effects

Texting Woman Falls Into Fountain

Fountain Lady Decides to Sue

Tyler Clementi and Digital Webcams

Tue, Jan 25: Welcome to Digital Literacy

Day One (Metaphorically speaking)